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Courts in the United States give particular scrutiny to vague laws relative to First Amendment issues because of their possible chilling effect on protected. The doctrine requires that to qualify as constitutional, a law must: State explicitly what it mandates, and what is enforceable. Define potentially vague terms. United States, (). See also. Vague · Criminal procedure · Civil procedure. A criminal statute is void for vagueness if it is so vague that it fails to give a person fair notice of what United States, (). Vague definition is - not clear in meaning: stated in a way that is general and not specific. See more meanings of vague. How to use vague in a sentence. vague · not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed: vague promises. · indefinite or indistinct in nature or character, as ideas or feelings: a vague. In the alternative, the Defense requests this Court to provide limiting instructions that narrow the breadth of Section (e) and more clearly define its vague. The statute is unconstitutionally vague and continuing with this prosecution would violate. Mr. Hitselberger's rights under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth. This seems a not unusual rcquirement. s In re Lockett, Cal. 0 The court states that "no authority has been called to. Brad Neumann, Michigan State University Extension - Ap. Save Tweet Share Print Email. A recent Court of Appeals case reinforces that government.

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