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An atom in a Rydberg state has a valence electron in a large orbit far from the ion core; in such an orbit, the outermost electron feels an almost hydrogenic. Rydberg atoms interact with each other through electron collisions. Electron collides with atom and gains energy. Higher energy electron excites/ionizes. Rydberg states of atoms and molecules are very sensitive to electric fields. This property makes them ideal electric-field sensors but is. Title:mm-wave Rydberg-Rydberg resonances as a witness of intermolecular coupling in the arrested relaxation of a molecular ultracold plasma. Long-range dipole-dipole and quadrupole-quadrupole interactions between pairs of Rydberg atoms are calculated perturbatively for calcium. The evolution of the Rydberg wavepacket launched by the ultrashort EUV pulse is probed by a time-delayed femtosecond NIR laser pulse. Wherever Rydberg states are created—in atoms, molecules or solids—they all share common features that are exemplified by the physical description of highly-. The Rydberg state reaction H*2+H2→H+3+H+e− was studied by exciting the (X 2∑+g)np,v=0,J Rydberg states with n=30–70 by double resonance excitation via. F Barry Dunning and Thomas C Killian from Rice University depict the benefits of research into the properties of Rydberg atoms. of the ArH and ArD molecules corresponding to the vibrational bands of electronic transitions from the nd and ns states to the 4p Rydberg complex.

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